Kagawad Joboy (4th from right) with his colleagues in Barangay 11-B.

A nurse’s quest for a healthy barangay

DAVAO CITY- The barangay is the nearest government unit that deals with the community. As such, the well-being of the barangay is dependent upon the people who runs it. Within are countless stories of barangay government workers who, with selflessness and zeal for public service are impacting the lives of people in their community.

Meet Jose Maria Adao Jocom or “Joboy” to family and friends. He  is a registered nurse and an educator by profession. During the 2018 Barangay Elections, Joboy tried his hand at politics where he ran and won as a Barangay Councilor (Kagawad) placing third among those running for barangay kagawad in Barangay 11-B.

Jose Maria “Joboy” Jocom (standing) during one of their barangay health missions at Barangay 11-B.

Joboy’s barangay is located within Davao City poblacion. It  is one of the 55 barangays  under the 1st congressional district of the city.

While  lot of nurses are either going abroad or working in hospitals because of better pay and incentives, the  32-year old Joboy takes pride in serving his community.

“ I have always believed in the saying, be the ‘change that you wish to see in the world.’ I live by that principle and that’s why I put my community before myself,” Joboy said. 

He took up nursing and graduated at Brokenshire College, a well-known nursing school in Davao City. Just like any other nurse he once yearned to work abroad.

In 2014, an opportunity beckoned for a nursing job in Toronto, Canada. While preparing the needed documents and papers, his dad suffered a major stroke. He kissed his overseas dreams goodbye and stayed in Davao to take care of his father.

Being his dad’s caregiver opened his eyes to serving the community. Just like his dad, there are others who are also in need of care. Before serving the barangay, Joboy was a clinical instructor for practical nursing at the Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku College.

“My life primarily revolved around caring for people in the sickroom and also in the classroom,” Joboy said.

He observed in his barangay that even living within the city proper, there is a lack of knowledge when it comes to health and diseases. “People do not know how to take care of their health, how to avoid diseases and illnesses, I always believe that prevention is better than cure,” Joboy points out what he sees is the number one health problem in the community, lack of awareness and ignorance of health issues.

With him as kagawad, the barangay government have made strides in improving the overall health of the community including the conduct of medical and dental missions, proper nutrition information and healthy lifestyle drives, measles vaccination and area- based healthcare programs.

“This was made possible because of the positive leadership of our Barangay 11-B council with the help of a lot of our friends from both public and private sectors, to bring forth help to improve the health care situation in the grassroots level of my community,” Joboy said.

According to Kagawad Joboy, he wants to to empower his constituents where they are better informed and use that knowledge and wisdom to better their life and the lives of others around them.

That is why during their health programs he always impart relevant healthcare tips to the constituents of his barangay.

“There is always a process to everything by changing something for the better means you have to start somewhere, and I honestly believe that this is a calling of mine. To be there for others, by sharing my God-given abilities to help the people in my community to realize the importance of health,” Joboy said.

 “I will continue to help in any possible way I can, that’s why its called service. And as long as I am here I will serve for the betterment of others,” Joboy adds. (PIA/RG Alama)

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