GITCT & Philippines Game Friendship & Cooperation Day

Elite Games Inc. to help provide a Focus Group Test for the selected Mobile games, namely, Valkyrie Revenge, Upgrade Hero Mr. Kim and Goods Survival War.

In line with The Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Industry (GITCT) thrust in promoting a creative industry with a clear vision for the IT-based culture in industry in carrying out strategies to create star brands and businesses. GITCT brought three (3) uniquely exciting games for Filipinos to try and enjoy.

GITCT partnered with Elite Games Inc. in inviting participants to be a part of select individuals for a Focus Group Test at the Marco Polo Hotel, Pasig City, last November 07, 2019. A one day event that was attended by GITCT, Games and Amusements Board (GAB), Elite Global Sourcing Inc., Elite Games Inc.,  and Focus Group participants of all ages.

The day brought together various individuals with the sole purpose of interacting, communicating, development, sharing and friendship. Wherein the ultimate goal of distribution of ideas, product improvement and end user satisfaction were understood and achieved.

Indeed a wonderful day for GITCT’s trust in promoting cooperation between Korea and the Philippines!


The City of Gwangju offers a rich history and unique culture which cannot be found anywhere else. The region was known as the core of the Korea’s democracy and human rights movement, but Gwangju was more recognized in traditional music, art and food. This is why GITCT promotes the creative industry.

They use Gwangju’s unique qualities in art and culture. GITCT’s goal is to draw people’s attention through Culture Technology, also known as CT an industry that converge the innovative technology aspects of IT and the creative qualities of entertainment.

Through this process, GITCT’s goal is tasked with the promotion of the IT, creative industry and culture of the Gwangju Province in the Republic of Korea. Its missions are supporting local businesses in its jurisdiction, establish a network in Asia, establish a marketing agency promoting its region and create a cultural content fund.

Focus Group Test

The opening speech was done by Jun Lasco, from Philippine National E-sports League, and he mentioned the tremendous growth of E-sports and became a billion dollar industry. In the near future, there will be more support such as E-sports training given to amateur players to make them bloom into professional players in Asia.

Mr. Romulo Reyes’ speech, Managing Director of Elite Global Sourcing Inc., is about how gaming began and how it evolved. In 1983, after the very first and acknowledged commercial game console was released, the video gaming industry was making 3.2 Billion US Dollars. However, during the same year, the “Video Game Crash of 1983” happened wherein market saturation occurred due to poorly made products and greedy producers. This crash nearly killed the future of the gaming industry. Mr. Romulo Reyes himself experienced this crash wherein there were no games to be bought that lasted for two years.

One of the greatest factors happened was when the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) prompt up the gaming industry. By 2025, the gaming industry’s projected global revenue, according to Variety Magazine, will be at 300 Billion US Dollars, which is a hundred times more than it was in back in 1983. Mr. Romulo Reyes stated that we haven’t reached a hundred years of gaming, not unlike the movie industry and we are making more today.

In the present time, we have pc games, console games, and mobile games. As the industry grows, now, we have virtual reality, augmented reality and cloud gaming (can be achieved using 5G connection). The future of gaming is very bright and shifting to a more dominant free to play. The future of gaming is bright that Korea and the Philippines are working together towards it. Mr. Romulo Reyes stated that the company is fortunate in working with GITCT in promoting a stronger relationship to move forward in the future. GITCT does not focus on the gaming industry but also in businesses and even pledging to provide scholarships for Filipino students in the realm of gaming.

Three Mobile game from South Korea where introduced. Game Testers tested the three Mobile Games and gave their feedback. Most of the Game Testers, younger ones, teenagers and adults, were more comfortable in playing mobile games because of portability.

Testers were given a specific time to test the games and answer a survey afterwards. To get feedback first hand, the Game Developers themselves talked and discussed with the Game Testers and ask about their impressions about the game, what they liked the most and what they disliked. Game Testers provided the best input and constructive criticism they can give that would help to improve the games better.

The Games


Goods Survival War AR is a Local-based AR Shooting game developed by using AR image camera recognition and LBS technology. It is an augmented reality game in which various avatar appears based on a brand logo or brand location such as Starbucks, KFC, Convenience stores and even products such as snacks and drinks and defeat them using various weapons.

Key Features

  • Experience augmented reality game and shooting mechanics in one game!
  • Various types and difficulty of enemy avatars appearing from the brand items
  • Destroy enemies with a certain amount of time and energy with the weapons and items you have
  • User level up and various items can be acquired depending on the scores


Upgrade Hero Mr. Kim, developed by Mobsgamez, is a casual tap and idle game. You are playing as Rejuvenation Kim that wants a new and better life. Mr. Kim wants to be younger and he will be able to achieve this by battling possessed enemies!

Key Features

  • Strengthen various weapons: Strengthen over 260 weapons to increase your attack power and to earn lots of gold!
  • Rejuvenate to earn relics: Rejuvenate to make Mr. Kim younger, defeat enemies and earn relics!
  • Summon a Family: Summon a Family and make your dreams come true!
  • Get Different Equipment: Each equipment has different abilities and appearances! Strengthen them!
  • Collect Illustration Cards: There are star points in illustration cards that appear with the story. Collect them for not only more fun, but also higher minimum damage!
  • Ranking battles with people around the world! Show off your skills against users around the world!


Valkyrie Revenge is an adventure and dungeon type game with a simple Operation Mobile Action. You can equip different items, action items, and weapons! The story revolves to the search of the power. The great Valkyrie, Helga, led the war of the gods to victory. But because of envy and jealousy, she was exiled into the human world, deprived of all of their power.

Key Features

  • Character Level is the basis of your growth!
  • Make your Character stronger with Weapon and Armor Enhancements
  • Defeat your enemies with Powerful Actions and Enhancements
  • Amazing Character customization!
  • 4 Unique weapon Actions

Expect GITCT to continue to promoting the sharing of technology, experience and educations between Korea and the Philippines through establishment of partnerships with various Government, Educational, and Technological institutions.

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