How these OPM bands started from school events and random driving to a full band Written by Justice Throne

Original Pinoy Music (OPM) has been electrifying today. Many local artists are paving the way to make OPM alive again as well as local bands which serve tagos-sa-puso and lakas-makasenti-mode songs that many of us can relate. Today, many aspiring local bands who started from small gigs to being known by teenagers and millenials are doing their best to create an artistic contribution to our local music scene. Here are the three bands that we need to watch out for.

The first band from the list that we need to watch out for is Over October.

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OVER OCTOBER – This local band began when Josh Buizon and Josh Lua were in second-year college in Ateneo. They started as duo and both members of their school organization called the Ateneo Musician’s Pool. The two decided to create a band out of nowhere while they were heading to an after party of their organization. They started as a duo. Josh Lua on lead guitar and backup vocals and Josh Buizon on rhythm guitar and lead vocals. The two played acoustic gigs everywhere and later on added Janessa Geronimo as the drummer and Anton Rodriguez as another rhythm guitarist and Andrew de Pano as the bassist but some challenges happened to them that tested their dreams to make a noise in the local music scene.

Their bassist, Andrew de Pano had to leave the band because he wanted to pursue his school career at the University of the Philippines by taking music and the transition from Ateneo to UP was somehow difficult so he needed more time to focus on his studies. They replaced de Pano with their friend, Joric Canlas, who is from University of Sto. Tomas. Another challenge would be when their other rhythm guitarist, Anton Rodriguez, needed to leave the band because he was entering law school in UP after graduating in Ateneo and his schedule was fully loaded. The band has four members now.

The most interesting thing about this band is how they were able to come up with the band name Over October. It sounds catchy and very attention seeking. The band tell in one interview that they took a lot of time to think about the name of their band and since these members of the band were students, they decided to name it Over October because October of 2014 was a hell for them because of their academic works and they just wanted it to be over! Another reason was because Josh Lua and Josh Buizon were both born in October and they officially completed the members of the band in October until their challenges came and some of their members needed to leave the band and they were replaced.

Over October members love to listen to different genres of music. They’re into rock, blues, jazz, fusion, pop and others! So, if you guys are into those genres of music then you will love this band. What’s good about this band is that each member brings his or her own influences into their band’s music as a whole that can literally help one another. The members of Over October like John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Coldplay band. Gospel and worship songs are also their major influence because they all play in their own churches. They think that this is the reason why people get their vibe when they listen to their music. They are also into mixing everything and that what makes them unique, they say. Unlike to the electronic sound that has become quite a trend these days. Their popular songs are Wait, Mr. Sun and Free.

If you want to know their upcoming gig schedules, kindly visit their social media accounts especially their twitter account where they post their monthly gig schedules.

The second band making a noise today is The Ridleys.

THE RIDLEYS – This four-piece band with members from UST and UP are also making a noise in our local music scene. Just like Over October, The Ridleys also composed of students named Benny Manaligod who’s the vocals, songwriter and guitarist of the band, Jan de Vera who’s the backup vocals and guitarist. Joric Canlas who’s the bassist and also one of the members of Over October and Bryant Ayes who’s the drummer of band. Their goal is to tell stories by making songs. The band is planning to release a full-length album in the future after releasing 2 EPs.

The band started out as a nameless trio just like any other bands who started from a scratch. Manaligod has been writing songs but he never performed it in public and only shared them to his close friends. He was given a chance to perform them in public last 2015 at UP Town Center but he was really hesitant so he called his best friend, Bryant and his schoolmate, Jan, to perform with him and that’s where this band started.

Last September 2017, they released their second EP which was ‘From Morning Light/’Till Break of Dawn’. They launched it at Route 196 as a celebration of this success with their friends and family. It was their first event ever and they were very happy about it. They were overwhelmed by receiving wonderful comments and feedbacks from them. It was wonderful, they say. Listen to their other hits, Aphrodite and Stay!

To know more about The Ridleys, you can go search and visit their site and freely taste their kind of music.

The third band is none other than Nathan & Mercury!

NATHAN & MERCURY – Personally, when I heard this band’s name I thought they were a foreign band but no! They are also a local band with a very interesting band name, too! Nathan Huang, who’s driving on a random street, and a random Mercury Drug Store came up with the name for a supposed solo project that boomed out to be a full band. This band composed of Nathan on guitar and vocals, Karlo Maglasang on bass, Alex Samonte on guitars, and Daniel Monong on drums. Nathan & Mercury has only began recently and they’re making their unique style in the indie scene with a hit-song released, performances everywhere and an increasing fan base, they will surely make a name in our local music scene and this is just the start.

Their music is s fusion genres – pop, jazz, R&B, hip-hop, funk, and more that makes them versatile and everyone can really enjoy their music since there are so many types of music they play to choose from. Their songs are the kind of songs that would make you cry while looking outside the window and dance at the same time. Love and pain with a combination of funk and dancey beats will surely make you love their music.

Their song, “Fools” is their most popular song about waiting for the right time to be with someone we love, and not letting your emotions get the best of you making you end up being one of those fools in love.

For updates on their events, you can follow them on their twitter account @nathanXmercury, and other social media sites.

OPM has evolved and turning its beats on fire which make us love OPM even more. From a certain to numerous options of genres, we can choose a type of music we want to hear. If you’re happy, broken-hearted, feels like partying or in a good mood then why not listen to the songs of these OPM bands? There are so many new bands in a local music scene that you can choose from and these three is a good start to listen to!

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