How to Rock Your Denim in this Summer’s Music Festivals

This year’s summer is heating up, in more ways than one! Sure, the soaring temperatures will tempt the best of us to stay indoors, but the season’s music festivals are luring out the stylish and music-loving set and they’re not letting the heat get them — and their fashion — down.

Let these style influencers show you how to stay cool in the heat and still rock those denims. Some of the most standout #OOTDs had one thing in common—they wore pieces from none other than iconic denim brand Levi’s®.

These different Levi’s® outfits were personalized to reflect the owners’ sense of style. Every Levi’s® piece combines the perfect fit and the classic look that serves as a blank canvas for authentic self-expression. From the jeans and trucker jackets to the graphic tees, the ultimate summer music festival featured a who’s who of proud denim wearers. So here are some of our favorite summer denim outfits:

Thessa Cadiz slays it with a tee turned tube top paired with distressed denim shorts
Angela Martinez reinvented the Levi’s® tee by turning it into a ribbed top paired with iconic denim pieces
Brent Manalo brings the summer vibe to Wanderland with a printed polo paired with ripped jeans
Kim Tappy pulls out a denim-on-denim look with a statement tee

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