Keys to business success: Convenience and Collaboration

As young professionals and freelancers continuously multiply in the workforce, topics on the work-life-balance have been ever so popular. This has proven to be truly influential when the “RA 11165 or Telecommuting Bill” authored by Senator Joel Villanueva was signed into law by President Rodrigo Duterte last December 20, 2018. 

In support of the recently signed bill, the total number of flexible workspace locations in Metro Manila has reached over 80 locations according to the Colliers report. It was reported that the growth of the flexible office space industry is slated to grow at least 10% every year for the next three years. In the end of Q3 2018, Metro Manila is recorded to have reached 339,000 sq. meters of flexible workspace supply from 298,000 sq. meters (3.20 million sq. ft) stock in 2017 noting a 14% growth. KMC CEO Michael McCullough stated “The growth of coworking space is a positive sign for the economic growth of the country. These spaces provide numerous opportunities for collaboration for businesses and entrepreneurs.”

KMC, the Philippines’ largest flexible workspace solutions and staff leasing provider has released three coworking packages and launched their online booking platform – Coworking Hub. In efforts to promote the work-life-balance, contribute to the growing flexible office space industry while providing convenience, KMC allows their coworking tenants access to all their locations on the spot through their booking site.

“We want to provide maximum access to Filipino freelancers and growing enterprises with our 24 locations across the business districts in Makati, Ortigas, Taguig and Alabang,” says Michael McCullough, Managing Director and one of the co-founders of KMC Solutions.

Flexibility and Collaboration

Saif Salem, a freelance from Dubai says, “The space around KMC facilities are very conducive for collaboration. I was able to meet Jinky from Cebu she was also freelancer who specializes in Graphic Design. With multiple locations around Metro Manila, through the KMC Lite passport, my 3-day weekly access allows me to have a more manageable cost.” This package is skewed for those who prefer swing spaces and are not required to be in their office space the whole week. This KMC passport is slated for freelancers, remote workers, and micro-businesses.

The KMC Hot Desk has added perks of free/discounted access to professional development events and community parties. “Recently, I attended a talk by which helped me understand the importance of personal and professional development to my own line of work.” added Salem. These events seek to improve proficiency and expertise on various aspects of business through trainings by certified coaches and industry expert. “We have had events that revolve around entrepreneurship, personal finance and investments.  These events provide members with shared interest networking opportunities,” adds Michael.

With a growing community of 20,000 members more and more users conveniently book their seats via Coworking Hub. “These KMC packages can be availed in the real-time online booking system which brings convenience as coworking space users can reserve their flexible coworking seats on demand and on a monthly basis,” says Richard Molloy, Marketing Director of KMC.

“For the other growing start-ups and entrepreneurs who prefer a reserved space, we have KMC Dedicated. While this package can’t be booked online, this setup allots clients a permanently reserved seat in their preferred location for the duration of their contract with added personal storage and use of mailing address,” explains Richard.

KMC also offers offshore Staff Leasing and Offshore Staffing services by providing full-time dedicated remote staff or virtual employees working from private offices in Metro Manila. Clients from the United States, Australia, Singapore and Europe are given direct access to their employees through phone, skype, and/or email, while implementing their own specific processes and setting deliverables. “All these are part of our continuing efforts to innovate and deliver effective business solutions through a seamless integration of services,” adds Michael.

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