Mobile Games in the Philippines: A Market Untapped

Mobile games are part of the mainstream in the Philippines today. Men, women, both young and old are now contributing to the multimillion-peso industry. With Southeast Asia continuing to have a strong mobile games market, it is to no surprise that game developers from other parts of the globe want to have access to this lucrative opportunity.

The Philippines is one of the markets that mobile game developers want to explore. According to, revenue generated from mobile games in 2019 amounted to 84.8 million US dollars. Even though there are 4.51 million Filipino players, only 4.17% spent money to buy mobile games or in-game related items.

It is projected that the gaming population would almost double by 2023 which would influence an exponential increase in revenue as well.

South Korea, in its efforts to improve cooperation with the Philippines, brought in Gwangju Information and Culture Industry Promotion Industry (GITCT) to help advance the mobile game development scene here in the country.

GITCT partnered with Elite Games Inc., Games and Amusement Board (GAB), and Elite Global Sourcing Inc. to bring to Manila their expertise in game development with the ultimate goal of taking the fledgling Filipino mobile games industry to the next level.

The future for mobile games is indeed bright with GITCT working closely with various institutions and the government to continuously promote the sharing of technology, experience, and education not just in the development and technology standpoint, but also on the business side of the industry.

This partnership may pave the way for more Filipino developers to hone their craft and provide a sustainable living not just for the developers, but for the Filipino gamers as well.

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