Rihanna Shows off Her Figures in Black Bikini and Kimono

By filming her strut in slow motion, Rihanna proved that no one can stop her – not even the public. She proved that the world is her runway while seducing the camera in a sexy high-rise bikini and sheer kimono.

The 31–year-old singer and business mogul just proved to us again why her username is badgirlriri. While having a relaxing vacation in a surely luxurious estate in a tropical island, the ever so gorgeous Rihanna took in full advantage of the slow-motion in a mobile phone and showed off her stunning body.

If Rihanna will be recording another slo-mo video in the future (hopefully here), we kindly ask the songstress to incorporate background music from her ninth album in the studio. Nevertheless, as Rihanna explained to Vogue, the “reggae-inspired” album can come with a wait.

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