The Heart of a Bibliophile

For us bibliophiles, reading books is a way to escape the mundane and stressful demands of our jobs and day to day lives. It is a portal that transports us to a different world we wish to enter. It gives us the chance to put ourselves into the characters’ shoes and experience their hardships and triumphs.

Reading books isn’t merely putting the eyes or uttering the words. We engage our imaginations. We connect with the characters by placing ourselves in their perspective and becoming a part of the story itself. We respond to their feelings by being emotionally affected with the series of events. We empathize, we laugh, we cry, we fall in love.

Thru reading, we can also transform into the character we want to be; a detective in a thriller and mystery novel, a hero in a fantasy book, or someone who ends up with her greatest love in a romantic story. We share their thoughts and feelings. We treasure their friends and we love their families as well.

A book is more than just a stack of papers with a spine. It is powerful enough to take us to places we’ve never been or might not exist in real life. It can put fingers on feelings we may often have, but never understood so clearly. It gives us hope that sufferings lead to beautiful endings. It makes us believe that like the protagonists in the novels we have read, we are also bound to conquer great feats and be the victor of our own life stories.

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