The Mad Scientist Behind Electricity

Bet you love your smart phone. That is a factual guess. Bet you also love putting your left-over food in refrigerator, and heating your pizza inside a microwave or oven. Can you imagine using a lone candle while you are studying at night for your finals exam? Don’t you hate it when the lights turn off? Can you imagine if there is no wireless technology? It is time consuming, right?

They make our lives easier, more convenient to use, more comfortable to do and to whom do we thank for that? Oh, kindly say thank you to the mad scientist, Nikola Tesla.

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American physicist, inventor, and electrical engineer. An ethnic Serbian born in the Military Frontier (present-day Croatia), he was a subject of the Austrian Empire who later became an American citizen.

Tesla used his imagination to build new things. He had this wide imagination that he can really turn into reality. He is known for inventing Alternating Current and Power Supplies. He was the kind of guy who has self-confidence and self-love. He doesn’t go to dates! Though, he knew quite a few women but preferred being alone and turning his imagination into reality. He was very sure of himself. He knew his capabilities and proud of it. He let others know it. During his time as a student, he never missed a class and passed nine exams which are twice as required! Can you imagine taking an exam twice as to what is really required? He was also a mathematician beast. He can solve mathematical equations in his head! Tesla has a photographic memory that is why he can memorize an entire book. It came to a point where his professor thought he was cheating and Tesla suggested to re-take the exams. He finished his four-year course in just three years! He was a very good student. Perfect, in fact. His imagination and curiosity made him successful. He is an electrical genius.

While we are enjoying our youth today by posting our pictures on social media apps, Tesla indulged his life alone inside his laboratory. He preferred to not sleep and buried himself into creating things.

Many people believe that it will take a long time for us to have another Nikola Tesla–someone who is eager to build things for us. Someone who can also turn everything imaginable into reality.

In the middle of World War II, January 7,1943, Tesla died alone in his room of the New York Hotel. He died from a heart attack. His dead body was not discovered until two days when a maid entered his room, ignoring the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign outside his door.

So, everytime you search your favorite channel on your television using a remote control, when you are turning on your electric fan whenever you want to sleep, whenever you love using your smart phone, whenever you enjoy wireless technology–It is all because of Tesla. He put all his time, patience, hardwork and imagination to build these things. He sacrificed all his life to make our lives easier with his inventions.

If you see electrical engineering students, I am sure they adore Nikola Tesla.

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