Who’s cooking at The Blue Leaf’s Who’s Cooking?

We’re all used to collaborations—your favorite musician features in a song with our favorite band; our favorite artist designs for your favorite clothing brand; but your favorite chef collaborates with our favorite caterer? Now that’s never been done before.

And that’s exactly what The Blue Leaf aspired to do. Apart from being Manila’s premiere events venue, Blue Leaf events are known for their great food, thanks to their partnership with the best caterers in the metro. Together with Our Awesome Planet, they cooked up a three-part culinary event entitled “Who’s Cooking?” They brought together Manila’s most sought-after chefs and The Blue Leaf partner caterers for a first-of-its-kind collaboration to produce a mouth-watering 5-course menu available exclusively for events held at The Blue Leaf.

“We, at The Blue Leaf, have so much appreciation for delicious food. Food is at the center of some of life’s best moments. Food ties us all together, especially when it’s exquisitely made by our country’s very own top chefs and caterers,” Eugene Sandejas, Managing Director of The Blue

Leaf said. “We partnered with Our Awesome Planet’s Anton and Rachelle Diaz, who both shared the same love for food like us to bring Who’s Cooking? to life. We wanted to share amazing and memorable food not just with our clients, but also with every person who loves a good meal.”

Top food and travel blogger, Anton Diaz adds, “All we had to do was to provide a platform and opportunity for these food geniuses to come together, then step back and let the magic happen.” Who’s Cooking encouraged a cross-industry collaboration between the chefs and caterers, not placing restrictions to a certain cuisine or theme. “So, even we don’t know what to expect!”

Who’s Cooking paired 11 different chefs and caterers, who then yielded unexpected and exciting results, all showcased at the Grand Reveal Party last July 27 at The Blue Leaf Filipinas! It was a feast for both the eyes and the palate!

Dish: Softshell Crab Bisque

Chef Mikel Zaguirre x Albergus

Foodies and casual dinners can’t get enough of Chef Mikel Zaguirre (@kelzaguirre)’s radical take on classic Filipino dishes in Locavore and Fyre Rooftop Lounge. His passionate, straightforward approach to his craft brings out the bold flavors, textures and aesthetics delivering a feast of the senses that is not easy to forget.

Albergus (@albergusPH) has had four decades-long reputation of providing everything you need for any occasion: creative cuisine, flawless event execution, and unparalleled customer service. For this collaboration with Albergus, Chef Mikel took out the continental flavors from his arsenal and deftly married them to Asian flavors to create five unexpected dishes.

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· Foiewich (seared foie gras on thin buttered toast served with onion jam and mango aioli),

· Softshell Crab Bisque (softshell crab fry on banana spring roll served with julienne of radish in sesame oil, crab bisque)

· Sous-vide Short-rib Green Curry (sou-vide short rib in green curry sauce served on fresh coconut shell with eggplant caviar)

· Duck A’L Orange (seared duck breast served with sweet potato puree, sweet potato chips, and orange-port wine reduction)

· White Chocolate Blue Cheese Éclair (bleu cheese mousse with pear 3-way: Brunoise of Pear and Cranberry, Pickled, and White Wine Poached served with White Chocolate Glaze topped with Almond Slivers)

Dish: Lobster Eclair Maine (Lobster with truffle aioli on eclair)

Chef Ed Bugia x Bizu

Restaurant mogul and chef Ed Bugia (@chefedward) is a self-professed cooking geek from whose creative brain sprung forth popular casual food destinations Pino Resto Bar, Pipino Vegetarian, BRGR: The Burger Project, Pi: Breakfast and Pies, Mimi & Bros, and Bean and Yolk. His playful personality is clearly translated into his food.

Bizu (@bizucateringstudio) orchestrates the elements of intimate affairs with a flair for class and an eye for the slightest whim of the client. Its fresh and inventive continental cuisine is part of the symphony of colors, textures and sculpted floral arrangements that Bizu events are known for. Chef Ed and Bizu take on favorite desserts and candies and gave them a savory twist with a dash of humor. Trust us, you’ve never had sweets like this before.

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· Mac and Cheese Macaron (English sharp cheddar with candied smoked bacon)

· Lobster Eclair Maine (Lobster with truffle aioli on eclair)

· Pork and Apple Chip (Slow roasted pork belly on apple tulle and pickles)

· Foie Rocher (Foie Gras Mousse with candied fruit, milk chocolate and crushed almonds)

· Caramel Pop Rock Lollipop (Milk chocolate with caramel and pop rocks)

Dish: Lechon Flambe (Boneless lechon, stuffed with rosemary and herbs)

Lechon Diva x Center Table Catering

Lechon Diva (@lechon_diva), also known as Dedet de la Fuente of Pepita’s Kitchen, is famous for her level-up Filipino fiesta food. Her Truffle Lechon, a divine marriage of Filipino and French cuisines: crispy-skinned Cebu lechon stuffed with truffle rice has put her on the map of every foodie in Metro Manila. Center Table Catering (@centertable)is known, not just for its quality food and service for all kinds of functions and celebrations, but for its beautiful, elegant, and lavish settings which can rival the best florists.

There’s no grand feast without lechon! And who else can better serve us our crunchy pork skin than Lechon Diva herself? Chef Dedet and Center Table’s collab will remind you of your favorite Filipino dishes inspired by the flavors of land and sea.

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· Phoenix Crystal Nest (Crispy bihon, cashews, chestnuts, mushroom, chorizo Macao, secret sauce)

· Foie Taco Crisp (Foie and parmesan cheese)

· Lechon Flambe (Boneless lechon, stuffed with rosemary and herbs)

· Squid Ink Crisp with Mangoes and Mussels (Tapioca powder, squid ink, garlic aioli, mussels and mango — CORALS!)

· Mango Creme Mousseline Crepe (Custard, flavored crepe — love for mangoes!)

Dish: Mini Wagyu Beef Kebabs (Wagyu beef patties with Greek Pita bread, yogurt sauce, red sauce, red onion and parsley)

Chef Robbie Goco x The Creamery Catering

Chef Raoul Roberto Goco (@bleurobster), or more famously known as Chef Robby, is the culinary mind behind crowd favorites Cyma Greek Taverna, Souv! by Cyma, and the farm-to-table restaurant Green Pastures. A prolific and innovative chef, he has also created the distinct and sumptuous menus of various restaurants including Tequila Joe’s, Achiote Taqueria, Go Greek, Munchtown, Le Monet, Hotel Luna, Vitalis Villas, Yumi and many others.

Famous for Kiddie Parties since 2007, The Creamery (@thecreamerycatering), by special demand, launched its off-premise catering in 2013. Its live stations feature give any event an extra flair and their most popular stations are S’mores Bar, Nacho Station, Popcorn Station, Hot Chocolate Station, Carving Station, Dessert Station. Chef Robby Goco and The Creamery’s station boasted colors of blue and white with a Greece-inspired menu of roasted lamb with cheese, beef kebab, moussaka and spanakopita. We promise, each bite will make you shout Opa!

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· Mini Wagyu Beef Kebabs (Wagyu beef patties with Greek Pita bread, yogurt sauce, red sauce, red onion and parsley)

· Cheese Saganaki Station (Served with horiatiko bread)

· Spanakopita Triangles (Spinach, feta cheese in flaky pastry)

· Marouli Salata or Greek Spring Salad (Shredded mix greens, tomato, spring onions, dill, crumbled feta served with lemon evoo dressing)

· Seafood Yiouvetsi (Crustacean stock, orzo, prawns, mussels, clams and scallops)

· Roasted leg of lamb with Aligot (Leg of lamb, potatoes, served with roasted vegetables)

Dish: Argentinian roasted chicken, basil and radish salad and chimichurri

Chef Josh Boutwood x Hizon’s

Josh Boutwood (@chefjoshboutwood) came from Europe, cooking his way to the tropical beaches of Spain and then Boracay where he started his own restaurant, Alchemy. Now based squarely at the center of BGC, Chef Josh runs the kitchens of his two restaurants: Savage and Helm. He is also the corporate executive chef of The Bistro Group.

Hizon’s (@@hizonscatering) has been a well-known catering institution for more than 30 years now. Hizon’s has been a part of thousands of weddings, debuts, kids parties, corporate events, and private suggestions. The secret to the company’s longevity lies not just in its catering services but in being a partner with their clients at every step of the way, from conceptualizing, budgeting, planning, up to final execution. Chef Josh translates the flavors of the region where he had found the love of his life and started his young family: Scandinavia. The Nordic influence on his dishes are brought to the fore with the tried and tested expertise of Hizon’s catering.

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· Cured Salmon, herbed cream cheese served on toasted sourdough

· Argentinian roasted chicken, basil and radish salad and chimichurri

· Roast pork, caramelized and pickled carrot, mustard sauce

· Sous vide beef cheeks with parmesan mashed potatoes

· Passion fruit gelee, White Chocolate mousse and oranges

Dish: Pig and Bananas (Honey-Glazed Pork, Longganisang Taal, Mofongo)

Chef Tatung Sarthou x Juan Carlo Catering

Chef Tatung Sarthou (@cheftatung) is the resident chef and segment host of a morning show, as well as the 1st Place Winner of the World Gourmand Awards (Yantai, China, 2017) for his best-selling Philippine Cookery from Heart to Platter. He was one of the two Manila-based chefs invited to speak at Madrid Fusión Manila, the first and only Asian edition of the most important gastronomy congress in the world, held yearly in Spain. He was also the first Filipino to appear on the main congress stage at the 15th Madrid Fusión Congress in Spain. He also appeared on the Philippines’ episode of the Netflix series Street Food.

Juan Carlo the Caterer Inc. (@juancarlocaterer) has its origin as a food-to-go business providing for small catering projects in Zahran Al-Janoub Hospital where co-founder Teresita Macatangay worked as a medical laboratory technologist. With her husband Engr. Alex Michael U. Del Rosario, they started the business Juan Carlo the Caterer, named after their child. After 11 years abroad, they came home to establish their catering business in Batangas where they have been a celebrity favorite since. Juan Carlo and Chef Tatung take a cursory glance of contemporary Filipino cuisine and transform seemingly ordinary ingredients into vignettes of flavors that evoke nostalgia in small bites (called Islas Filipinas x Tradition Innovation).

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· Duck for Cover (Mascovy duck rillette, foie gras mousse, blackened toast)

· Pig and Bananas (Honey-Glazed Pork, Longganisang Taal, Mofongo)

· Sultan’s Kiss (Maranao rice with fresh uni, shrimp and salmon roe)

· A Bull by Its Horn (A slow-roasted Batangas beef in Barako demi-glace and calamansi mostarda)

· Tropical Rendezvous (Deconstructed Brazo de Mercedes with Potpourri of Philippine Sweets)

Dish: PUGITA, kulma, cauliflower puree, pumpkin bagoong, mais & Vigan longganisa salsa

Chef Niño Laus x K by Cunanan

Chef Niño Laus (@chefninolaus) is the ingenious chef behind Agimat Foraging Bar and Kitchen, where his creativity delights and amazes Metro Manila’s hip and adventurous set. He has travelled to far-flung areas of the Philippines on his quest to feature nothing but Filipino ingredients in Agimat. K by Cunanan (@kbycunanancatering) is one of the most popular caterers in the wedding and event industry because of its distinctive understated style paired with heartwarming dishes with new flavors. For K by Cunanan, any successful occasion calls for a trifecta of excellent food, experience, and service. What do you get when you combine Chef Niño’s suave and adventurous spirit, and K by Cunanan’s sweet and easy-going charm? A native Filipino menu that’s great with either a bottle of beer or a glass of wine! Putok batok never felt so good.

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· PATA, bagnet, buggy (Pork trotters, braised in bugnay wine until its very tender and it’s hashed. Wrapped in homemade bagnet with sampinit fruit)

· KADIOS, patani, feta, compressed watermelon, kasuy (Veg dish, composed of local goat cheese, local lima beans — croquettes! Patani with local sesame seeds, drizzled with freshly foraged honey or vinagrete)

· PUGITA, kulma, cauliflower puree, pumpkin bagoong, mais & Vigan longganisa salsa (Octupus braised with local chilies, marinated in chilies and cooked with dalandan and soy sauce — spicy aftertaste; kulma sauce (kare kare and curry); baguio cauliflower puree and local longganissa, pumpkin bagoong)

· OX TONGUE, buto ng langka, pipian berde (Lengua; sauce is made of pipian (ilocano sauce) — everything green. Langka seeds made into potato)

· COCONUT, tibuk-tibok, latik, burnt coconut tuile (Tibuk tibok with latik crumbs on the sides, burnt coconut (used by tausugs), katmon fresh)

Dish: Bolzico Tenderloin (Risoni risotto, parmesan chips, basil oil and jus)

Chef Chele Gonzalez x Mesclun

Chef José Luis “Chele” Gonzalez (@chefchelegonzalez) has had a long and storied career before he made his home in the Philippines. Hailing from Torrelavega, Spain, Chef Chele has had stints in legendary restaurants such as El Bulli, Arzak, Mugaritz, and El Cellar de Can Roca. He made a mark in the Philippine culinary scene first with Gallery Vask, then, with its evolution, Gallery by Chele. Mesclun Events Catering + Styling (@mesclunph) took its name from the French that literally translates to “mixture.” With over 13 years in the business, Mesclun has embodied its name by bringing a harmonious marriage of colors, flavors, textures, and cuisines in every celebration. Chef Chele dubbed this collaboration as “Tapas 2.0” and they are unlike any tapas you’ve seen before. The team of Chef Chele and Mesclun is a match made in culinary heaven and it shows just how well the French culinary tradition goes well with the Basque.

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· Gazpacho Ceviche (Lapu-lapu ceviche, strawberry gazpacho, leche de tigre)

· Uni Txangurrro (Sea urchin, txangurro, bisque, hollandaise on sourdough)

· Pulpo Chimichurri (Octopus, mojoverde, black chips and paprika potato espuma)

· Bolzico Tenderloin (Risoni risotto, parmesan chips, basil oil and jus)

· Basque Cheesecake (Burnt Basque cheesecake, raspberry gelato, matcha meringue, white chocolate and almond slivers)

Dish: Arabica-rubbed Roast Beef with Fried Kamote and Truffle Mash

Chef Natalia Moran x Passion Cooks

Chef Natalia Moran (@itsnatmoran) is the woman behind more than a few popular restaurants in Boracay: The Sunny Side Café, Spicebird Piri Piri Grill, Supermagic Burgers, Streetmarket Food Hall, and Little Wave Café. In the city, she is the Executive Chef of PizzaExpress and Your Local of the Tasteless Group of Restaurants. Her diverse foodscape only goes to show that we can always expect something unexpected from Chef Natalia.

Passion Cooks (@passioncooksph) was established by the mother and daughter team of Laura and Maja Martinez. Chef Laura channels her heart as a mother into her dishes. So whether it’s an intimate reunion, a blessing of a new business venture, or even a grand celebration, the mark of Passion Cooks is the feeling that you are cared for through delightful service and food cooked spiced with passion and love. This is a team that clicked right from the start. You can taste the love in each dish that it feels like a warm hug with every bite.

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· Pork and Mushroom Tapenade (Pork, mushroom, puff pastry)

· Tinapa Pate on Tutong (Tutong rice, jellied tomato, ebiko)

· Shrimp and Corn Fresh-Pressed Tortellini (Shrimp, corn, aligue, shrimp bisque, pesto, kaffir sauce, micro vein sorrel, micro mustard, pepper and polenta, crushed candied pistachio)

· Sous-Vide Tuna with Couscous salad and Mango Coconut Sauce (Tuna, couscous, mango, coconut, sesame paste, ebiko, crust, tuna marinade, feta cheese, hito flakes)

· Arabica-rubbed Roast Beef with Fried Kamote and Truffle Mash (Chimichurri sauce, roast beef, coffee rub, peppercorn sauce, fried sweet potato)

· Guinataan Balls in White Coconut Sauce and Cookie Crumble

Dish: Balut Chawan Mushi with Uni and Ikura

Chef Kalel Chan x The Red Chef

Chef Kalel Chan (@kalel_chan)’s creativity and flair in the kitchen are still evolving despite already having several innovative concept restaurants under his belt. This restaurants include Chelsea Grand Cafe, Chelsea Kitchen, Stella Rocketroom, Saboten, Kabila, Simple Lang, and Providore. He is also responsible for coming up with new and exciting flavors for the Japanese restaurant and bar Chotto Matte/Izakaya Sensu, and the acclaimed Filipino restaurant Friends & Family. As if these weren’t enough, Chef Kalel also has a new concept restaurant Motto-Motto in Taguig, and Cha-Cha’s in Boracay.

No occasion is too big or too small for The Red Chef and Events Specialist (@the_red_chef_and_events). With the Red Chef, it is always a guaranteed memorable dining experience and event. Backed by individuals who are driven by their passion for excellent food and unique experiences, it is always committed to giving the customer professional service at its best, and, most of all, value for money. When you thought your favorite Filipino pulutan is good enough as it is, Chef Kalel Chan and The Red Chef make it better. They’ve successfully infused Japanese cuisine into staple late night (or early morning) eats!

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· Ponzu Pinakurat Kilawin with Wasabi Avocado and Gyoza Crisp (Shrimp, marlin, squid mixed with pinakurat and wasabi guacamole served with fried gyoza wrapper)

· Aligue Chirashi Mushi with Mentaiko Aburi (Chirashi inspired, scallops, tamago, shrimp, mixed with aligue and mayo; unagi sauce torched aburi, tanoki for flavor and mentaiko (cured egg))

· Balut Chawan Mushi with Uni and Ikura (Balut juice, yolk of balut, dashi, egg – tofu form; topped with uni and ikura, gyoza sauce with basil to break the flavor)

· Tapa Maki with Soy Cured Quail Eggs (Familiar; tapa maki – tapa, atchara, gari, ginger, crusted with crispy garlic, topped with cured quail egg)

· Matcha Leche Flan with Kinako, Adzuki Beans and Langka (Matcha leche flan with langka, kuromitzu and kinaku (soybean flour – black honey), adzuki beans)

Dish: Pork Satay Cups, Fried Crumbled Tokwa

Chef Francis Lim x Tjioe

Nav Thai and Tipple & Slaw are the brainchildren of Chef Francis Lim (@eatsfranlim). Innovative, with a flair for experimentation, Chef Francis likes to keep his menus hip, relevant and unexpected. He enjoys working with underrated ingredients and making them shine in his cuisine. You’ve never had Filipino, Chinese, and Thai food quite like how Chef Francis makes them. Tjioe the Caterer (@tjioethecaterer) has been in the catering business for two decades already. Its roots come from one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the Philippines — QuikSnak in Binondo. Tjioe the Caterer was born to handle QuikSnak’s catering service. Its specialty is incorporating traditional dishes with modern and innovative applications. Chef Francis and Tjioe brought together their shared Chinese heritage and came up with a menu that’s both familiar and surprising at the same time. Their dishes stay true to the classic flavors but with a new and often playful touch.

Signature 5-Course Menu:

· Pork Satay Cups, Fried Crumbled Tokwa

· Pork Belly Patatim, Fried Mantou Sliders, Pickled Radish, Pickled Cucumber

· Steamed lapu-lapu, Wansoy Chimichuri, Sweet Soy Mayo, Crispy Fish Skin

· Beef Terrine, Crunchy Tendon Chicharon

· Haw Flakes Buchi with Cream Cheese

Who’s Cooking? is the food event of 2019 for food lovers seeking an unforgettable culinary experience from our country’s top chefs and caterers, a creative intersection of both modern and traditional catering techniques, and top-notch culinary innovation.

The menus of all 11 collaborations will be served exclusively at The Blue Leaf Events Spaces at McKinley Hill Village, Aseana City, and Quezon City starting today, so expect an even more

remarkable experience when you book your next special event at the country’s premier events venue.

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